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Join the AFHS Affiliate Program and earn $$$$ by selling our smarter dental plan.  
With more than 52 million Americans lacking dental insurance, AFHS is an affordable solution for families and easy sale for you.   We provide you with:

  • Turnkey marketing tools like banners, buttons, links and compelling content  
  • Attentive customer service
  • Attractive commission structure
  • Opportunity to earn additional rewards like magazine subscriptions or valuable products based on the traffic you generate to our site

Your earn $$$ when customers purchase Doc Wellbee Plan via customized link from your website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page to our enrollment page We make it easy to:

  • Put affiliate links or banners on your web site
  • Send emails to your customers  with affiliate links and relevant Doc Wellbee message
  • Promote Doc Wellbee to within your social network accounts like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

 Doc Wellbee Affiliate program

is developed with the goal of helping our affiliate partners DO WELL by offering their network an opportunity BE WELL while curing dental bills. 


For more info contact us at: 866-519-7667.


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Did you know?

In the 1960s, most dental insurance plans had $1,000 annual limit.  Fifty years later, average limit is still $1,200.  Given inflation, your limit should be over $15,000 today!
In 1970s, average crown fees were $400 – today that price has more than doubled.  But insurance coverage limits are still the same!