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About Us

Dr. Whitney Troope, is a real dentist, successful orthodontist and mom. Before the birth of her second son, Dr. Whitney had a thriving orthodontic practice, as well as volunteered in free dental clinics. She saw lack of good oral health habits among families of all income levels.   And she performed major dental procedures that could have been avoided with regular cleanings and exams.  
As a mom, Whitney understands the time and effort that goes into managing family wellness. She created Doc Wellbee as the first dental plan to recognize that commitment with valuable rewards. She knows moms don’t need incentives to get her family to the dentist – but a free gift like a magazine subscriptions, gift card from a favorite retailer or new beauty product is a welcome treat.



Doc Wellbee is administered by Affordable Family Health Services Company, a Licensed Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) since 1991. Its mission is to help members save real money on health care purchases made outside of insurance.  
Headquartered in Atlanta, GA., Affordable Family Health network includes practitioners and facilities nationwide, as well as many retail chains and online providers.  Available in 49 states.


  Affordable Family Health Services 
  3955 Pleasantdale Road 

  Atlanta, GA 30340       

Did you know?

Untreated dental disease is even a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease and pre-term births
1 in 4 adults ages 65+ have lost all of their teeth
Nearly 60% of children, 5-17, have tooth decay

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